Nestled among the peaceful hills of eastern Vermont, near the shores of beautiful Lake Fairlee, since 1818 Post Mills Congregational Church has been home to people of all walks of life who have felt called to follow Jesus Christ. Whether you are just curious about Jesus’ life and message, or ready to be baptized and make a life-long commitment to follow in the footsteps of Christ, you are most welcome here at Post Mills Congregational Church.   

All Are Welcome!!!!    Come as you are!!!!

 Settled Pastor Cass Poulos!!

 Sunday Worship service starts at 9:30 am

We are pleased to announce that we are now back to worshiping in the sanctuary.  Services will start at 9:30 am and will be led by Pastor Cass Poulos.   

October 18th 2020 service – PLEASE BRING A QUARTER

The service will be posted live on facebook – Post Mills Congregational Church.

If you wish to attend the services in person you would be welcome.  We thank you for helping us follow the few state guidelines that we need to abide by.  THOSE GUIDELINES ARE:

  1. Masks are required   We will have masks if you forget or do not have one.

  2. Social distance  6 feet apart

  3. Please bring your own bible if you wish to follow along with the readings. 

  4. If you have any symptoms on the following list or answer yes to any of the travel questions we ask that you PLEASE STAY HOME! (and join us online) We also urge you to see your doctor.

* Fever or chills in past 72 hrs;  * A new sore throat;    *Cough New/persistent/worsening;  * New headache;    *Congestion or runny nose;    * Nausea/vomiting/Diarrhea;   * New muscle aches;     * New loss of smell/taste; *Fatigue;  * Difficulty Breathing or Shortness of breath

In the past 14 days have you traveled:

* Outside of Vermont  OR * to an area that has more than 400 (per million) active Covid cases * Outside of Vermont

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